Matchmaking for Your Business


Finding the Perfect New Hire to Get the Job Done 

“Teamwork makes the dream work”—but the struggle to find that perfect new employee to add to your team is real.  A bad hire can lower productivity, ruin culture and cost your company in more than just dollars.

Because at The A Team we have an entrepreneurial spirit and work in the small to medium-sized business space, focusing on the lower middle market, we have a keen understanding of how critical each and every employee’s role is to your company. We look beyond hard skills to determine a candidate’s synergy with your company’s culture, overall business goals and industry sector.

Our searches are collaborative—The A Team’s Recruiting Manager, Joan Morelli, works closely with our clients, listens carefully to their wish list, and considers and provides feedback and guidance throughout the process. This individualized approach to finding the candidate with all necessary skills is rigorous and thorough, but we have found that our placements truly “fit” and satisfy our clients’ needs.   

Joan recently shared a story that illustrates this dynamic: “Our CEO Tedd Drattell and I were speaking with a Principal at a private equity firm that had multiple companies in its portfolio. Recruiting was a service they utilized frequently and the Principal noted that recruiters from small firms were the best fit for them because of their broad experience. This struck me as something that I am keenly aware of from my work with The A Team. I understand the need to find candidates with broad experience who are able to wear many hats, as opposed to those who work in large companies and might have more narrow experience.”

Joan has a passion for excellence and was recently recognized as a Top 1% recruitment professional on LinkedIn, with over 10,000 candidates viewed and hundreds of placements made. Joan loves the discovery process – listening to people’s stories, learning about new fields and ultimately making critical connections for both candidates and companies.

As with every service we offer, our ultimate goal in Recruiting is to provide the highest quality personalized service to best support your business.

Have questions? We’re always here to help. Contact Joan Morelli at your convenience by phone at 609-915-8273 or by email to