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Helping Others is at the Core of The A Team’s Culture

We try to give back by actively participating in helping charitable organizations, environmental conservation efforts, and other initiatives to make the world a better place. We measure our success not only in terms of profit, but also by the positive impact we can make on the communities and organizations that we serve. Our commitment to social action demonstrates our collective desire to give back and to bring about meaningful change.

Our Team is Involved Every Step of the Way

We also encourage our Team’s involvement in philanthropic endeavors, supporting them as they volunteer, donate, and actively participate in causes for which they are passionate. Our employees play an essential role in creating a brighter, kinder world through their meaningful contributions.

Man outdoors holding a pineapple.
Man entering the Covenant House building.

Covenant House
New York

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you’ve seen that our active community involvement is something that we’re proud of. We are inspired by the work of our partners at Covenant House New York (CHNY) and their mission to help young people escape the dangers of living on the streets. For over 50 years, CHNY has been a leader in providing residential services to homeless, runaway, and exploited youth. Their doors are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The A Team has a long-term commitment to work with Covenant House in their efforts to support at-risk youth.

We Dedicate Our Time and Resources

Our Team members are also passionate about various other causes including Canine Companions, sustainable agriculture, ocean conservation, people with special needs, and more. Giving back is deeply woven into the fabric of our Team, and we are committed to working together to maintain our meaningful involvement in community service.

Man holding a Canine Companion black puppy.