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Hot Marketing Tips to Help Your Sales Sizzle This Summer

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As the weather heats up and our thoughts turn to summer, it’s tempting to forget our business and focus on vacations, suntans, and beach chairs.

But since cash flow is key to the success of your business in any season, The A Team Consulting has some hot marketing tips to help grow your summer sales.

Here are 5 quick-and-easy marketing tips to you can implement now to boost your revenues:

  • Get Social: Social media is crucial to most businesses. If you’re not already on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, set up profiles now – it’s a great way to get your brand out there, and it also helps you to avoid a bad actor impersonating your organization. A good rule of thumb is to post daily on Twitter and 2 – 3 times per week on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Spend Money to Make Money: Your business can benefit from strategically placed advertising. Whether you choose Google Ads, sponsoring a local event, or sending out an old-fashioned mailer, be sure you spend the amount necessary to put your product, services or philanthropy in front of the right people.
  • Email ‘Em: Despite popular myths to the contrary, email is still one of the most powerful channels to make new sales, encourage repeat business, or obtain referrals. Email your list at least once a month so they remember your business. The frequency will keep you top-of-mind and reduce unsubscribes.
  • Double-Check Everything: Do you hear from every customer that is reaching out to you? If it’s been a year (or more!) since you checked that your digital channels work, it’s high time you did a quick audit. Make sure your website forms work by testing “Contact Us” buttons and forms – everywhere on your site. Then, ensure emails and phone calls are going to the right staff members. It should take no more than 20 minutes to do this, but it can make a big difference in inbound sales.
  • Help, Don’t Sell: In a world of ever-increasing choices, consumers have almost unlimited more options than ever to quickly find products or services faster, cheaper, or more in tune with their beliefs. Prove you can help your customers – by actually helping them. Every time you help a client or potential customer, they’ll remember your brand positively. So invest in sending tips and tricks even if it’s outside your normal service offerings. (It’s exactly what we did  in this email!)

How are you marketing your organization this summer? Let us know on Twitter at @TheATeamConsult.

The A Team Consulting is not only your total accounting resource; we can help with business tips, referrals and more!. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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