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Fractional CFOs Are Using Accounting Technology


Accounting Technology is a Favorite Tool for Fractional CFOs and a Great Benefit for your Business – Here’s Why.

Accounting Technology solutions have become one of the favorite tools of Fractional CFOs. Accounting Technology allows companies to streamline processes and efficiently convert data into useful information, which in turn enables Fractional CFOs to help business owners make informed business decisions.

Accounting Technology for the Fractional CFO

The job of a Fractional CFO expands far beyond just analyzing numbers. With their intimate knowledge of corporate finance and their high-level business experience, Fractional CFOs are uniquely suited to assist business owners with strategic growth and planning. Accounting Technology enables Fractional CFOs to analyze the financial health of a business without manually mining data. The A Team can build programs that will produce custom reports, dashboards and KPIs, all seamlessly integrated with your existing financial systems, to provide meaningful real-time business intelligence for:

  • Cash flow management
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Project-based profitability
  • Labor utilization
  • Supply chain management analysis
  • Payment terms optimization
  • Custom Intelligence specific to your industry

How do you know which Technology Solutions are right for your Business?

Our Fractional CFOs often suggest to the companies with whom they work that Accounting Technology would be beneficial. In order to learn exactly what solutions would work best for your business, The A Team has developed a Technology Needs Assessment that takes a comprehensive diagnostic look at your current accounting systems and processes. In addition to a review of the systems, we talk with managers and staff to learn how your accounting team operates, what you see as your needs, and how you can use Accounting Technology to improve your results going forward. We then recommend technology solutions to bring synergistic value to your business, increasing systems efficiency and the richness of your financial data for better business intelligence. We are also available to train your staff to effectively use the new technology solutions.

A Dynamic Combination –a Technology Assessment and a Fractional CFO!

Learn more about how the combination of Accounting Technology that efficiently gathers and organizes critical data, and a Fractional CFO that interprets the data and develops effective growth strategies, can boost your company’s performance and profits. Call The A Team at 646-849-4267.

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