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Meet The Founder

For me, the entrepreneurial bug bit early. I started my first business, “Raindrop Floor Washing”, when I was just 10 years old! My love for Accounting developed in high school when I took my first accounting class, which blended my love of math with my escalating interest in business. In 2001, I combined my entrepreneurial spirit with my enthusiasm for Accounting and The A Team was born.

Initially, I was a one-man band, providing part-time, personalized CFO advice to clients. I soon recognized that my clients appreciated the effectiveness and cost-savings of outsourcing, not only for their CFO work, but also for their controller and bookkeeper needs. I expanded the scope of my business and began providing outsourced bookkeepers, controllers, and other accounting and finance professionals to meet the demand. The A Team rapidly grew, and in 2004 I joined the Entrepreneurs Organization, a network of hundreds of local entrepreneurs that provided me with invaluable learning experiences and business opportunities.

Tedd Drattell speaking into a microphone.
Headshot of Tedd Drattell.

By 2009, again at the request of clients, The A Team began to provide accounting search services to deliver full-time talent to clients who had outgrown our part-time services. These personalized recruiting services quickly became popular with clients who required industry specific knowledge from their recruiter.

As accounting technology evolved, The A Team added technology software implementation and services. Offering this expertise has allowed us to help our clients run their accounting departments with maximum efficiency and accuracy using advanced accounting technology.

Now, several years since the 2001 inception of The A Team, our clients number over 200, and we have an ever-growing team of professionals to service them. However, even as we grow, The A Team maintains its entrepreneurial spirit. Never content to rest on our laurels, we continue to innovate and learn so that we can provide our clients with expert financial and accounting services – on a part-time, project, or interim basis, from the back office to the boardroom.

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