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It’s Time to Marie Kondo Your Books

Technology Tips/How to

There’s a reason that spring cleaning is so popular. It’s a time of growth and renewal – and you can finally air out your office without freezing solid. It’s also a great time to organize finances and remove unnecessary clutter.

A key component of organizing guru Marie Kondo’s method is simplification. More is not necessarily better, and clutter decreases efficiency.

  • Go Paperless and Back It Up: Invoices, service agreements, and that drawer full of receipts is cluttering up your office – and your mind. All that paper takes up space, leads to wasted time, and exposes your business to risk from fire or water damage. In fact, cluttered surroundings lead to procrastination, anxiety, and stress (Ferrari & Roster, 2017). Much better to move your business to a paperless system backed up on an external hard-drive and the cloud. You can access critical information remotely, no matter what happens at the office.
  • Refresh Your Strategic Plan: We’re well into Q2, so review your growth plans to ensure you’re still on target to hit your goals this year. Your finances are key. Are you hitting your revenue targets? Are expenses killing your profits? Review your needs and consider whether a part-time CFO is what you need to organize finances and exceed your goals this year.
  • Integrate Your Tech Solutions: Turn a critical eye on your technology solutions. Is your team wasting time and introducing error by manually entering data into multiple systems? Does QuickBooks integrate into your sales tools? The truth is that only 48% of small businesses have fully or partially integrated their key business solutions together (SMB Group, 2018). Can’t find a solution to connect your key apps and software solutions? Our in-house team has experience building custom code to seamlessly integrate your technology.
  • Review Outstanding Invoices: Take a look at your outstanding invoices and reach out to clients whose payments are late. Perhaps you need to introduce an automated system. A technology solution can eliminate the need for you to check on your invoices so frequently. Plus, it helps you avoid uncomfortable situations. Automated reminders to customers in arrears lets you focus your energy elsewhere – and clients won’t feel unduly pressured (at least until you have to pick up the phone and make “the call”).
  • Deal with Employee Expenses: Summer is right around the corner, and your employees are going to take vacations. Now is the time to take care of outstanding reimbursements. You can clarify any questions about expenses in person so your employees can avoid taking work calls about their receipts while at the beach!

Do Your Books Spark Joy?

Now is the time to make sure your books “spark joy.” Need a hand? The A Team Consulting offers services from bookkeeping to strategic planning to custom technology solutions. Simply contact us below or call 646-849-4267 to get the support you need.

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