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Controller Management Services

Accounting Services Controller

Controller Management Services : Your Bridge to a Thriving Financial Tomorrow

Most businesses retain a bookkeeper to manage their day-to-day cash flow and at least consult with a CFO when they need strategic planning. But there is another essential function that companies often overlook: Controller Management Services. Many misunderstand a Controllers’ function, and fewer still recognize its value. But when assessing “bang for your accounting buck,” Controller Management Services are vital and cost-effective. 

What is a Financial Controller?

  • A senior-level executive responsible for the financial health of an organization.
  • Serves as a bridge between accountants and CFOs, ensuring that the company’s financial goals are met.
  • Typically detail-oriented with strong knowledge in accounting and finance.
  • Especially vital for small- to medium-sized businesses for organization, keeping accountants on track, and informing CFOs.
  • Reports to the CFO and manages a team of financial professionals. The team’s size varies based on the company’s size.

Why are Controller Management Services important? 

Financial Controllers provide a link between basic accounting and higher-level financial strategy. Bookkeepers don’t necessarily have the knowledge or experience to effectively participate in broad strategy, while CFOs are ideally laser-focused on bigger-picture initiatives that drive company growth. Controllers are the conduit connecting these two crucial parts of the business and making sure the organization is running smoothly. 

Controllers are up to date on accounting and business trends and can translate the books into useful information, allowing the CFO and CEO to easily make decisions. In addition, Controllers provide critical reports required by your CPA for year-end tax purposes. With technology and applications changing at warp speed, Controller know-how is critical. 

Fractional Controllers help small businesses save money by:

  • Providing advice on how to reduce expenses and improve efficiency
  • Identifying new revenue streams and growth opportunities to boost profitability
  • Giving business owners peace of mind that all financial reporting is accurate
  • Making sense of data to inform CEO and CFO strategy decisions.

When businesses are first starting out, they often don’t have the budget to hire a full-time Financial Controller. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from the expertise of this invaluable professional. A fractional Financial Controller can provide the same level of service as a full-time employee, but on a part-time basis. This can be a great solution for businesses that need help with financial planning and management, but can’t afford to hire a full-time staff member with a robust salary and bonus package.

Our Controller Management Services are Top-Notch! As you have come to expect from The A Team Consulting, with our full composite of financial services. We have excellent Controllers who provide valuable services to our Clients. One of our Clients for instance, is a $25mm service business, The A Team’s Controller manages all of the day-to-day financial details, from accounts payable to payroll, while also maintaining an accurate set of books. The Controller successfully manages a team of two staff accountants that enter day-to-day transactions and provides the CFO with key data enabling the CFO to handle the cash flow management for this Client. Our Client has confidence in its financials knowing that our A Team, with the support of the Controller, is coordinating all levels of its financial needs.


Could our Controller Management Services be right for you? Contact us to learn more!

Financial Controllers provide a link between basic accounting and higher-level financial strategy.



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