Save Time and Money Using Accounting Technology Solutions


Accounting Technology Solutions

Innovation and today’s rapidly-paced world is pushing organizations to move faster than ever before. Many established businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits are feeling the strain, but there are still only 24 hours in a day. Luckily, there are several accounting technology solutions that we recommend to help make your business more efficient and organized.

Want to Reclaim Valuable Time? Invest in the Right Solutions!

Choosing the appropriate accounting  platform depends on a variety of factors:

  • Do you have inventory to track?
  • On which tasks does your team waste the most time?
  • Do you have sufficient clarity into your company’s financial situation?

You might find that unnecessary hours are spent chasing late invoices. Perhaps unused software subscriptions are still being charged to a company card. Maybe you often find input errors on spreadsheets when your team pulls a late night.

Accounting Technology Solutions Can Help:

A  real-life example:

A mid-sized private educational institution was using QuickBooks as their accounting software solution However, QuickBooks did not provide critical reports they needed to support payroll processing and automated revenue recognition. Every week, they wasted valuable time creating multiple manual reports. Keith Miscione, The A Team’s Technology Practice Director, developed a single custom report that calculated accrued commissions earned by employees based on multiple key factors, including course registration and completion.

By implementing appropriate accounting technology, the client was able to increase efficiency and save money by decreasing staff size, paying employee commission more rapidly, and making better, more timely management decisions.

Accounting Technology Can Solve Many Issues Without Breaking the Bank.

That’s why The A Team Consulting offers numerous, reliable accounting technology solutions to enhance efficiency and give you back valuable time.

From accounts payable platforms that create a seamless workflow to digital expense tracking, The A Team has the right off-the-shelf or in-house, custom-built technology solution to streamline your accounting processes, thereby reducing costly manual errors and unnecessary employee time.

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