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The Rise of the Fractional CFO: Adapting to a Changing Business Landscape

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There has been a noticeable growth in the Fractional CFO industry, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth is driven by various factors, including the changing role of CFOs, cost considerations, and the need for flexibility in business operations. Today, even small companies can access the benefits offered by experienced Fractional CFOs. Fractional CFOs play […]

A Team’s Guide to Hiring A Fractional CFO

Guide to Hiring a Fractional CFO

Are you looking for a C-Level financial consultant without the burden of hiring one full-time? A Fractional CFO, also known as a virtual CFO or start-up CFO, can be hired on a project basis to help companies achieve a myriad of tasks along their strategic path. These part-time and often remote CFOs have a sophisticated […]

How to Find the Best CFOs for Hire

How to find the best CFOs for hire?

Recently our company President, Dominick Bencivenga, addressed Global Business Leaders at a Gravitas Impact Forum on vital aspects of running a financially sound business. With the current disruption to our business climate, it’s more important than ever to maintain focus on the fundamentals so that we are prepared when the unexpected occurs. With this in mind, The A Team has devised the following “business health check-up” list:

What Are Some Typical CFO Responsibilities?

What Are some Typical CFO Responsibilities?

What Are Some Typical CFO Responsibilities?  The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive responsible for managing an organization’s financial actions. The CFO is considered a top-level strategist in any business or organization. This professional often works alongside the CEO, president, or even the owner of a company and with the board of directors. […]

QuickBooks Budgets and a Fractional CFO, The Perfect Combination


QuickBooks Budgets and a Fractional CFO, The Perfect Combination Accurate budgeting is critical for small and growing businesses. By creating annual financial spending plans, business owners can glean insights into how their company’s hard-earned money is being spent and whether this spending aligns with the company’s goals and priorities. Budgeting with QuickBooks Budgets creates an […]

What Are Outsourced CFO Services?

Outsourced CFO Services

An Outsourced CFO or a Fractional CFO,  is an external financial expert hired on a part-time basis to address specific business needs. Fractional CFO services help businesses address high-level accounting and finance needs without the significant overhead of a full-time hire. Fractional CFO services enable businesses to access high-level financial professionals without incurring the of salary, benefits, […]

You need a Small Business CFO – And Yes, You Can Afford It!

You Need a Small Business CFO – and yes, you can afford it! Without a strong financial foundation, your company wouldn’t exist and might not last. Yet many business owners do not invest in critical strategic financial planning. Hiring a Small Business CFO can give you a leg up when starting a profitable business. Sure, […]

Virtual CFO: What are the Benefits of Hiring One?

Fractional Accounting

Would outsourcing an experienced Virtual CFO help your growing business? Expert guidance in cash flow, budgeting, reporting and financial strategy can give companies a competitive edge. However, some companies don’t need, or have the resources, to hire a full-time employee to fill this role. A Virtual CFO offers flexible financial leadership for growing businesses. What […]

Why New Businesses Need a Startup CFO

Bookkeeping for Law Firms

What does it take to start a company? One of the most important tasks for a start-up business owner is to make sure to have a solid team of experts to help guide the new venture. There are many different roles to fill, and an entrepreneur can sometimes get caught trying to fill too many. […]

5 Ways CFOs Can Increase Profitability with Project Accounting

Increase Profitability with Project Accounting

Since the nature of a “project” can range from a technology implementation to an ad campaign or marketing event, each project typically has a beginning, and an end, with employees and contractors assigned to deliver the service. Contracts can be short-term or last for years. Billing terms can also vary widely such as time and […]