10 Signs You Are Ready For A Fractional CFO


Is your growing business ready for the services of a Fractional CFO? Fractional CFOs have the depth and breadth of experience to execute strategic plans that will help you to meet current goals and to achieve long-term objectives. Fractional CFOs provide not only strategic financial planning advice, but also provide an “outside looking in” perspective, putting your business success at the forefront of their mission.

Fractional CFOs have the depth and breadth of experience to execute strategic plans while helping to improve the overall health of your business. They provide unparalleled support to the business owner and guide businesses toward success.

Business owners, often deeply rooted in the company’s day-to-day processes, can find it difficult to determine when they are ready for this critical financial role. The following are 10 clear indications that show your small business would benefit from the services of a Fractional CFO.

1. Your business needs a strategic officer financial planning and a trusted figurehead for its accounting department.

2. Your business is engaged in mergers or acquisitions or is otherwise growing rapidly, or alternatively divesting, or otherwise experiencing a downturn.

3. Your business has lost its financial manager or full-time CFO, and you need an interim CFO to keep the department healthy.

4. Your business has a special project that requires budgeting and forecasting, financing, capital contributions, system implementations, and/or other cost and time-sensitive tasks.

5. Your business is experiencing unexplained cash-flow problems and/or losses and needs a fractional CFO that can uncover errors, inefficiencies and even fraud.

6. Your business needs a leader to communicate performance to investors, board members, partners and/or shareholders; or needs an expert to communicate with external relationships, such as lawyers, bankers, accountants, and insurance companies.

7. Your business wants to maximize the value of the enterprise.

8. Your business seeks to proactively create, chart, and meet future goals rather than simply looking back on historical performance.

9. Your business is considering producing new products, exploring new market verticals, or expanding into new territories.

10. Your business needs an executive-level manager with a fresh perspective. Fractional CFOs are excellent resources who can “look in from the outside” and provide an objective vantage point.

Whether you’re working to raise capital, need to resolve cash flow issues, or require temporary assistance with a specific project, The A Team’s Fractional CFOs provide the impartial guidance and high-level expertise that drives success. A Fractional CFO gives you – the business owner – the support and information you need to make sound business decisions.

So, are you ready to c-level up? Contact The A Team Consulting to learn more about our Fractional CFO Services and the benefits of an affordable, outsourced accounting department.