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The A Team Cares

Fractional Accounting Services

Three business professionals discussing A Team Cares not for profit fractional accounting.
Not-for-profit organizations play an important role in our communities, addressing critical social, educational, environmental, and health-related issues. The A Team’s Not-for-Profit Division, The A Team Cares, provides our not-for-profit Clients with a dedicated team of professionals that offers specialized accounting services and solutions designed to meet the unique financial needs of not-for-profit entities.

Each of the members of The A Team Cares has been extensively trained in Not-For-Profit financial reporting, management, and compliance. In addition, our specialized Team receives training and mentorship in handling the distinct financial needs of NFPs, including accounting for functional expenses, restricted assets, and investments. By staying abreast of best practices and consistently engaging in professional development, our specialized Team is well-equipped to handle the complex financial landscapes of our NFP clients.

The A Team Cares brings a warm, caring approach to every aspect of our work. Our commitment goes beyond numbers — we are also passionately involved in various causes in our communities.

Tailored Accounting Solutions

For Not-For-Profit
Non-profits must navigate fund accounting and adhere to strict donor rules – all while striving to achieve their mission. Our experienced accounting professionals, including Fractional CFOs, Outsourced Controllers, Outsourced Bookkeepers, and Accounting Technology Solutions, address these specific challenges and complexities that not-for-profits face, helping them stay compliant and efficient.

Who Is

The A Team Cares?

The A Team Cares offers a full range of accounting services and solutions tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and budget.

Fractional CFOs

With extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, our Outsourced CFOs provide forward-thinking strategic insights and guidance that fosters growth and improves financial performance. Without the time and financial commitment of a full-time hire, our clients enjoy senior level services in areas such as budget management, financial planning, regulatory compliance, and funding strategy optimization. By offering expertise in financial stewardship and resource allocation, Fractional CFOs help not-for-profits maximize their impact and maintain financial sustainability.

Outsourced Controllers

Our Outsourced Controllers provide accounting management and oversight services on a flexible basis. This role is crucial for not-for-profits looking to streamline their financial processes, maintain compliance with accounting standards, and improve their overall financial reporting. Offering specialized knowledge and an external perspective, Fractional Controllers help not-for-profits optimize financial operations, enhance accuracy in reporting, and make well-informed strategic decisions.

Outsourced Bookkeepers

Outsourced Bookkeepers offer specialized accounting services tailored to the unique needs of charitable organizations. They manage day-to-day financial transactions, record keeping, and reporting, and enable not-for-profits to maintain accurate and transparent financial records.

Accounting Technology

Accounting Technology Solutions streamline financial operations, enhance reporting accuracy, and improve transparency. By automating manual accounting tasks such as donation tracking, expense management, and financial reporting, not- for-profits can focus on mission-critical activities. In addition, the real-time financial insights, and analytics that Accounting Technology Solutions provide enables more informed decision-making and clearer oversight of budget allocations.

Executive Recruiting

Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities within the not-for-profit realm, our approach goes beyond traditional recruiting. We delve deep into understanding your organization's specific mission, values, and the communities you serve. We then provide quality candidates tailored to your specific needs. With our Executive Recruiting Services, you gain access to a strategic ally that understands the nuances of the not-for-profit sector and is committed to helping you find the right person to join your team.
My books were disorganized and in a state of disarray.

Thanks to The A Team’s assistance, and outstanding performance, I now have more time to dedicate to other projects aimed at improving the Flushing Community. I highly recommend The A Team Consulting as they are consistently trustworthy, professional, and dependable.
Executive Director

Why Choose
The A Team Cares?

The A Team Cares is committed to your success. We strive to take the burden of financial management off your shoulders. We offer:


We provide efficient, reliable, and scalable fractional accounting services that are tailored to the needs of each not-for-profit, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our personalized approach provides not-for-profit clients with cost-effective services and solutions that align with each of their unique requirements and budget.


Our Team consists of accountants who have honed their skills specifically within the non-profit sector. These professionals offer our clients the expertise and tools needed to navigate the unique challenges and regulatory frameworks not-for-profits face.


Our fractional service model provides our clients the flexibility to scale services up or down based on needs and budget. Whether you require comprehensive accounting support or targeted assistance in specific areas, we can tailor our services to match your requirements.


The A Team Cares is dedicated to supporting the financial health of our clients. Our not-for-profit Team invests time to understand your vision, challenges, and opportunities, so that we can align our services and solutions with your objectives.

Meet The A Team Cares

Meet The A Team Cares

Kevin Tseng
Rich Slomovitz
Fractional CFO
Scott Cipu
Fractional CFO
Director of Technology Services
Jeff Thommason
Senior Controller
Gyan Kanal
Duana Hutchinson
Erica Moran
Senior Staff Accountant
Optimized-Adam Moore
Adam Moore
Senior Staff Accountant
Karen Rivellese
Staff Accountant