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Accounting Technology Solutions

Accounting is changing. Gone are the days of manual data entry and archaic record keeping. Today’s most successful businesses use Accounting Technology to maximize efficiency and increase business intelligence.

The A Team’s dedicated technology practice is led by accountants who code and software developers who know how to build GAAP - Compliant accounting workflows. Our Team can help with financial systems automation, accounting software integration, reports that help you understand your business and custom solutions for your unique operations.

Armed with the most current and best accounting solutions available, the A Team's Technology Division can automate your processes to increase productivity and maximize growth. Every day, our tech experts implement automated systems that provide our clients with better insights, enabling management to make more confident long-term business decisions and quickly implement positive change.

The Expertise to Transform Your Accounting Operations

The A Team understands how important the right systems are to the success of your business. We have the technology solutions to help your company transform its accounting operations to better fit your needs, no matter the challenges you might have.

That’s where The A Team comes in.

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How We Can Help

Automate to Reduce Manual Entries

Challenge: Manual entry is time-consuming and inefficient, wasting valuable resources that could better be invested elsewhere. The multitude of products available that promise to automate your accounting processes can be confusing.

How we help: Before the A Team recommends an implementation plan, we assess your business needs. We build a custom software deck that will replace costly manual entry processes with seamless automation.

Custom Accounting Software

Challenge: Since every business is unique, the “one size fits all” approach of out-of-the box software solutions often doesn’t fit. This forces business owners to scrape by with a compromise solution that gets them part of the way there but requires manual entry and continual maintenance.

How we help: The A Team can build custom applications to address your company’s unique accounting needs. Our team is made up of industry leaders who are not only excellent programmers, but accountants as well. We design and build custom accounting products with GAAP-Compliant accounting principles in mind.

Integration and Synergy

Challenge: Automation works best when specialized products work together seamlessly. Most accounting professionals do not know how to set up and maintain complex integrations. Even though many apps purport to integrate with your accounting software, they often do not translate data in the optimal way for your business.

How we help: The A Team professionals know how to use these systems and can provide education and training for all of our accounting technology solutions. We know that the best software integration is one that provides the essential business intelligence you need to manage effectively. Whether you’re looking for a standard integration to maximize efficiency or a custom integration designed to give your business intelligence an edge, we can build a solution to help your business grow.

Meaningful Reporting

Challenge: Even when you have good data, you need powerful analytics to present it in a way that best allows you to make the executive decisions that help your business grow. Most business software silos its reporting within the app. Even when applications integrate with one another, it is difficult to build a reporting workflow that seamlessly integrates the essential intelligence from disparate sources.

How we help: The A Team works with you to define and build reports that put the essential KPIs you need at your fingertips. We know how to combine useful data from your integrated applications (e.g., inventory, time tracking, or CRM software) with your financial accounting interface. We will help you build dynamic, insightful and immediately useful reporting including rolling cash flow forecasts, sales pipelines, and staff performance metrics that out-of-the-box accounting software does not produce on its own.

Best-In-Class Software

Challenge: As your business grows, you outgrow technology designed for simpler operations. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for your business. Every software deck is unique, and it is important to build a suite of complementary products. Sophisticated products can require complex implementations.

How we help: Our Team will help you choose the best products for your business. We will work with you to develop a project plan and then our implementation team will build it for you from the ground up. Whether it’s leveraging the most powerful features of QuickBooks Enterprise, or setting up a custom Sage Intacct file, we can build an accounting software interface designed to meet your needs.

What To Expect When You Hire our Accounting Technology Team

We'll start by performing an initial needs assessment, carefully reviewing your accounting operations and procedures, and identifying all areas that need improvement. After assessing your needs, we will work with you to develop an Implementation Project Plan that will help you understand how your business can be improved. We will then seamlessly transition your outdated financial systems to your new cutting-edge platform. We can also train your staff to manage and operate your new accounting technology.

If you’re looking for a turnkey solution, our Team can take on your entire operation, creating custom interfaces between software packages and providing accurate and timely custom reports and analyses. And if you need to integrate your current accounting software with new packages or tailor it in other ways, we’ll provide individualized customization services targeted to your company’s unique needs.

The A Team sees flexibility as the key to a successful engagement. We take guidance from you, making suggestions along the way to help streamline your processes and simplify your financial operations.

Initial Needs Assessment

Not sure where to begin? We’ll review your operations and accounting procedures to help identify areas needing improvement. We then will recommend the appropriate software solutions for your particular needs.

Technology Training

We can train your staff to manage and operate the technology solutions needed to run your accounting. We also offer guidance on data conversion from one program to another.

Project Management & Reporting

Prefer a turnkey solution? We can handle your entire operation, designing custom interfaces between software packages and providing accurate and timely custom reports and analyses.

Customization Services

Need to integrate your Accounting Software with other software packages or customize it in other ways? We can provide individualized customization services tailored to your company’s unique needs. Let’s brainstorm together!

The Right Accounting Technology to Grow Your Business

The A Team is ready to help you implement cutting-edge accounting technology solutions that will allow your business to thrive now and well into the future. No matter what stage your company is in, we're able to deploy bespoke strategies that will improve your operations and facilitate the growth of your business.

As a top accounting firm, we enjoy an extensive network of valuable resources that can help your business succeed, no matter your size or industry. In addition to our technology expertise, we can also provide accounting consulting and recruiting support. Services from all three divisions can even be combined to create the ideal engagement for your company’s specific circumstances.

The success of your business is important to us. Focus on what you do best, and let the A Team handle the rest.