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Accounts Receivable Technology

When striving for a competitive advantage, accounts receivable technology represents an opportunity to improve efficiencies so that CEOs can focus on matters that are key to scaling their businesses. Accounting software serves as a tool that can improve operations by automating tasks that once had to be completed by hand. Whether you’re on the cusp of launching a new product or gearing up for a capital raise, accounting automation software can save you time and money. Accounts receivable technology keeps you on top of cash flow with reliable, real-time financial data. This precision can reduce time-consuming tasks and inform decisions to more effectively guide company strategy.

No Need to Feel Overwhelmed by Accounts Receivable Technology

Accounting technology supports the backbone of your organization by enabling the automation of key accounting and administrative functions. By adopting accounting software, businesses can save time and money. They can receive up-to-the-second financial snapshots for better visibility into the health of the company. Some business owners may find accounting to be a drag on efficiency. They might be looking for ways to ensure that processes are streamlined so they can focus on key performance metrics and KPIs. However, they may also find the migration to technology and the creation of customized workflows daunting.

That’s where A Team Consulting comes in.

Outsourced Accounting Services

The A Team can be brought on at any stage of growth to accelerate synergies in your accounting processes. In a technology consultation, you can leverage our team’s deep knowledge of accounts receivable technology. We can deploy this experience to optimize your finances and establish tools that make it easier to run your business. Our experienced financial professionals can be hired on an as-needed basis to help your company with financial and administrative tasks. Our Accountants can be hired for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire, saving you money on large payroll and benefits packages, while handing you tremendous flexibility.

How A Team Can Help Automate Accounting Processes

Our Accountants have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to enable the adoption of accounting software. They have seen first-hand how the most popular accounts receivable technology and other business software have improved operational efficiencies and financial transparency. You can expect our team members to offer a thorough analysis of your business and guide you through the best technology options available based on your budget and needs. They can help you migrate and set up the systems, automations, templates and custom workflows to maximize effectiveness. With the A Team at your ready, you’ll be able to more quickly transition to a powerful tool proven to drive operational synergies. Best yet, you’ll regain time to focus on revenue-driving initiatives.

Here’s just a brief overview of what you can expect from A Team technology:

Get Customized Support for QuickBooks When You Need It

Get the customized support you need to adopt accounts receivable technology and other software that can vastly improve company productivity and scalability. The A Team can provide you with a specialized approach to accounting management at a price point you can afford. The success of your business is important to us. Regain valuable time, focus on what you do best, and let the A Team handle the rest. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Our Outsourced Accounting Options

We don’t do one-size-fits-all--The A Team offers three levels of service giving you the ability to customize and combine services to best suit the needs of your business.



Our bookkeeping experts will clean-up your books and records, reconcile statements and accounts, and complete 1099s, monthly entries, and financials. We can then implement systems that will give you clear and easy access to your essential information all year-round. And because day-to-day accounting essentials help drive major decisions, we’ll compile accurate, tailored financial statements that will allow you to quickly access information that's significant and specific to your business and industry.



Our Controllers will oversee your bookkeeping activities, and put in place the roles and strategies necessary to meet your accounting department’s needs and achieve your business goals. Your A Team Controller will also provide valuable assistance to your CPA when compiling year-end information for tax purposes.



Our CFOs have decades of experience leading both public and private sector businesses, in varied industries including professional services, nonprofits, apparel, manufacturing, technology companies, real estate, wholesale/distribution, internet retailers, and more. The A Team’s fractional CFOs will tailor solutions customized to your requests. We offer high-level expertise on a part-time basis allowing businesses to access critical skills at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.