No more crumpled receipts.

Nexonia is a user-friendly, cloud-based time and expense solution with robust integrations and granular, fully customizable approval workflows that allow you to route time reports and expense approvals to the appropriate company personnel based on rules that you define. The Expenses application streamlines your employee expense reporting process and management of credit card charges, so you can better manage business and travel expenses for administrators and staff. The Timesheet module makes it easy and convenient to manage timesheets online - you’ll be able to track billable hours easily to calculate time for payroll as well as sync with many accounting systems to streamline billing. Nexonia allows you to stop saving receipts and start spending time on what matters!

Outstanding Value

Nexonia never stops improving the design and functionality of their products. They are constantly adding new features and enhancing existing features to their products. You never have to worry about service interruptions as these enhancements are made: Nexonia offers features through new configuration options, so you have a stable and consistent interface. They are continuing to expand their lineup of great time, expense, time off, time allocation, PO and AP management products to deliver on their promise of saving customers time and money.


Nexonia has an impressive amount of integrations – everything from accounting/ERP systems, corporate and personal credit card feeds, major payroll systems, online travel management systems, and more. Data integration pulls in credit card charges to Nexonia daily – you don’t have to add them yourself! Nexonia even integrates with Uber to help make your travel expense reporting that much easier. Need another kind of integration? If it’s a system that supports importing & exporting data, Nexonia will make it happen, including credit card integrations.


Nexonia specializes in highly configurable system integrations. Get flexible approval workflow tailored to your company’s needs. Nexonia is also DCAA compliant and can help your business become audit-friendly.

Expense reporting

Stay focused on the work that keeps your business running with Nexonia Expenses’ flexible approval workflows, unbeatable integrations, intuitive mobile app and full training and support. Nexonia expense management software features include: accounting/ERP integrations, credit card integration, multi-currency support, mobile apps and unparalleled customer support.

Project Accounting

Nexonia’s flexibility and depth of customization makes it a particularly strong fit for organizations with project accounting or job costing needs. Get your time and expenses broken down by task, customer, job, employee, and more. Set up layered approval workflows to mirror your process for approving project -related expenses. Delegate approval authority for certain time and expenses with the click of a button. In an organization with many projects and jobs going at the same time, all potentially with different project managers needing to approve, it’s never been easier to streamline your workflows.


Nexonia is built to scale with your company, whether you’re a start-up experiencing a rapid growth stage or whether you are reaching the point where you’ve become well established. The reporting tool in Nexonia lets you build reports based on virtually any object you have available in the system – giving your users the capability to extract the data that is meaningful to them to best support your organization’s growth. A glance at Nexonia’s client list will tell you all you need to know about its ability to scale up; the impressive collection includes big names such as Fitbit, Surveymonkey, and TGI Fridays.