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Fundraising and Donor Management Software.

Method:Donor is able to process information is all the same ways as Method:CRM, and includes a focus in nonprofit reporting. Method is an app designed to provide an easy way for donors to send charitable gifts and for nonprofit organizations to accept and process those gifts within the QuickBooks environment. Method provides an environment to cultivate great relationships with your donors by tracking follow-ups and donation history all in one place. Simplify your fundraising and stop entering your data twice.


Accept Online Donations with Donor Pages. Automate everything! When you receive an online donation or cash/check/credit card donation in person, Method will automagically: record the donation in Method and QuickBooks, send a “thank you” letter and tax receipt to your constituent and schedule a follow-up and set reminders for you. Your constituents will love how easy it is to give via your online donation page, and you’ll love having more time to spend on the work that matters most.


You’ll save so much time when your data is all in one place. Method has the world’s best sync with QuickBooks, and the patent to prove it. Virtually everything syncs back and forth, including donors, donations, vendors, employees, invoices, purchase orders, bills, and much more. And of course, when you update a donation in Method it automatically syncs into the “right” accounting place in QuickBooks as a sales receipt.

Customer History

When you have each donor’s history at your fingertips, it’s easier to cultivate great relationships with each member, and get better results from your fundraising. Track emails, phone calls, event attendance, donation history and much more. (Email Campaigns: Quickly create and send mass emails to your donors, members and volunteers with Email Campaigns. You can easily filter a list of members, like those who live in California, and inform them about this year’s event. You can also simplify your follow-ups using email templates you create. For example, use your “potential donor” template to follow-up and keep your hot leads hot!)

Data Integrity

Add and update all your donation information from Method using simple and beautiful screens. Your accountant will love you for it! There’s no need for you or your team to go into QuickBooks (and mess anything up!). When you update a donor record or transaction in Method it automatically syncs into the “right” accounting place in QuickBooks.


We know one size does not fit all, especially for nonprofits. That’s why Method:Donor is fully customizable with drag-and-drop tools… 100% code-free. You can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes. Take it to the next level and create your own fields, tables, screens, buttons and more using drag-and-drop tools. You’ll have a system that’s just right for the way you get your work done.

Nonprofit Pricing

At just $25/user/month*, using Method:Donor means you’ll spend more of your budget on the people and cause who need it most.
*When paid annually.