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Expense reports made easy.

Does your company provide corporate credit cards or offer a reimbursement plan for travel and meal expenditures? Do you need to code charged expenses to specific customers or jobs? Expensify helps businesses automate their entire receipt and expense reimbursement process with its industry leading features such as automatic accounting sync, one-click receipt scanning, automatic approval workflows, and next day reimbursement. No more missing receipts and unaccounted expenses; with the help of Expensify’s mobile application, staff members can upload their receipts and expense reports with a snapshot of their phone. Gain accurate invoicing with precise pass-through expenditures, reimburse your employees within 24-hours, and sync your expenses to your accounting platform.


Never manually enter those expense details again. SmartScan your receipt and the patented OCR technology automatically reads and codes the receipt details for you, then adds the receipt to an expense report that can be automatically submitted, approved, and even reimbursed.


Expensify integrates with accounting, ERP, and travel software that powers your business. See more about which systems integrate with Expensify, here.


Admins can customize expense policy rules for their organization and configure Expensify to flag any expenses that need a manager’s review. The rest, like that $3 coffee receipt, are automatically approved.

Audit & Compliance

Expensify’s Concierge checks every receipt for accuracy and compliance, flagging any expenses that seem fishy before expense reports are even submitted for approval. All risky expenses are highlighted for manual review, leaving you with more control over and visibility into employee expenses.