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Sonia Fanou



Sonia is a black belt, and taught martial arts to children.

“Live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find eternity in each moment.”

-Henry David Thoreau

As a former small business owner herself, Sonia has a special place in her heart for small business owners. She explains “I can relate to the struggles that they go through in multitasking, especially during the start-up phase.” Sonia considers herself a resourceful and patient leader, and she works to provide clients with encouragement, systematic processes, and reminders to view challenges as blessings in disguise. Equally important to Sonia is giving back to her community where she has volunteered for church events and food drives, and has hosted local art events to spread good food, love, and music. A strategic thinker and life-long learner, Sonia appreciates the continuous growth opportunities The A Team offers its accounting professionals.