Why Cloud Accounting Software and Business Growth Go Hand in Hand


Empowering the Decision-Maker with Cloud Accounting Software

One of the many keys to business growth is understanding your organization in real-time so that you can quickly make the right decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to one place to get a full view of business performance—from any angle, in any configuration that’s helpful to your strategic decision-making? With cloud accounting software like Sage Intacct, the only mid-market cloud financial application that shows you business and operational metrics by any dimension that matters to your business, you now can! Sage enables a business to:

  • Ask new business questions, get fast answers, and make confident decisions
  • Increase decision-making speed across and up-and-down the organization
  • Steer growth by understanding not only the financials but key operational metrics and ratios

Cloud Accounting Software Makes Teams More Efficient

Intacct enables you to scale up without adding finance headcount. This helpful cloud accounting software automates and streamlines your complete array of accounting processes, adapts to the way your team needs to work, and readily connects with your other business solutions. It’s modern, easy to use, and accessible on any device at any time—making it a solution that your team will truly use to be more efficient, productive, and insightful.

Creates Headroom for the Growing Business

Sage Intacct meets your evolving business requirements. Its multi-entity architecture supports your business expansion, automating processes that can become more complex as you grow. Its technology infrastructure scales effortlessly, so you can easily increase your users, customers, transactions, and locations. The solution is updated quarterly with innovative new finance and accounting capabilities, delivered seamlessly. Here’s how the largest Intacct customers are doing, by the numbers:

  • 100s of entities: Conquer the world. Intacct is automating multi-entity management and financial consolidations for customers with hundreds of locations in their organization
  • 1,000s of users: The more the merrier. Our biggest customers are improving productivity with up to thousands of users on Intacct
  • 100,000s of customers: Keep that business coming in. Intacct is streamlining the order-to-cash process for businesses that have hundreds of thousands of customers
  • 100,000s of transactions: Don’t let us slow you down. Customers are quickly and securely processing hundreds of thousands of daily transactions with Intacct


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