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Meeting Your Needs

with personalized accounting service at every level.

Which level of service is right for you?

From the boardroom to the back office.

You need outsourced accounting services that are tailored to your organization’s needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our set-up is flexible to meet your needs. You can combine offerings from any or all of our three divisions – accounting consulting, technology, and recruiting – at varying services levels to craft the type of engagement you want.

Smart decisions are based on sound essentials – clean and reconciled books and records, organized for easy access.

Smart decisions are based on sound essentials – the processes and procedures we can’t live without - the financial information and business intelligence you need to make accurate, timely decisions. Our Essentials level will handle the clean-up of your books and records, reconcile statements and accounts, complete 1099s, monthly entries and financials. We’ll then implement systems that will give you clear and easy access to your essential information all year-round.

It’s all about flexibility.

What do you need? That’s what we do. Need payroll entered but want to handle the bank recs yourself? Do you prefer to continue communicating with your customers but need someone to create the invoices? 1099s? Financial reports? Credit card reconciliations? We have your business essentials covered. Our scope of work responds to your needs, and we spend time only on what is most important to you and your accounting.

Better data for better decisions.

Day-to-day accounting essentials lead to major business decisions, so it’s important that you get the information you need to guide you. We build accurate, tailored financial statements so the information that is significant and specific to your line of business gets to you. Working together, we’ll make your business better.

We apply winning tactics.

Strategy requires thought, tactics require execution. Our Team knows how to speed up your processes, minimizing work time, allowing you to focus on what’s important. We assess processes and procedures to implement technology solutions and other efficiencies. We will introduce concepts that will easily integrate with your current platform for streamlined execution.

Our Controllers deliver information flows that provide the financial drivers of your business.

Information flows are key - from bookkeeping to CFO. Our Management level Controllers step in to coordinate best practices. This level can involve analyses, cash forecasting, and identifying and developing measurable metrics that will provide a thorough understanding of the financial drivers of your business. Our Management team members do what they do best, so you can do what you do best.

We’ll manage your accounting department.

The accounting department – where everyone counts. Our Management team Controllers provide oversight of bookkeeping responsibilities and help you understand what functions, roles and strategies are necessary to fulfill your accounting department needs generated by your business goals. With a Controller on the engagement, your essential operations flow.

We decode the numbers.

We all can benefit from that middle person who clarifies details and explains the information we don’t understand. Controllers are up-to-date on accounting and business trends and can translate the books into useful information for the CFO/CEO to easily make decisions. Base your decisions on best practice advice and analysis.

Organized books handed to your CPA.

Do you struggle to speak Accounting? It is one language (among many others) in which we are fluent, and we are happy to translate for you. The A Team can be the point of contact for your CPA when compiling year-end information for tax purposes, etc. At the same time, we’ll share our findings and day-to-day workflow with you in a way you can process. Leave the info flows to us.

Growth requires a strong framework, based on sophisticated financial analysis, ready for presentation or strategic implementation by a fractional CFO.

Growth requires a strong framework, and our seasoned team members are here to help you define the path forward. A part-time CFO immediately helps you focus on key financials rather than getting lost in the daily operational details of your business. The A Team Executives will get to know you and your business, offering strategic guidance, feedback to improve your margins, and financial projections, reporting, and budgeting. We can assist with board meetings and present your business’ financials in a clear and compelling way. You can focus on the message while we take care of the details.

Experience across the board.

You’ll benefit from our experience. Our Executive team members joined after many years in both public and private sector business, including professional services, nonprofits, apparel, manufacturing, technology companies, real estate, wholesale/distribution, internet retailers and more. We’ve been business leaders, and now we’re focusing on helping you lead your business.

It’s all about flexibility.

Flexibility is one of our core values. Our CFOs tailor solutions and provide information customized to your requests. We provide high level expertise on a part-time basis, offering the support needed for every stage of your business.

Translator to the outside world.

Strong CFOs have a range of skills that go beyond accounting basics. Our Executives are business strategists that will assess the best way to translate your top-level information to investors, bankers, CPAs, board members and those involved in your company’s decision-making process. We speak their language – and yours too. The A Team has a vast network of professionals to connect you with as your business and need grows.

More Ways We Help


Our Technology Division helps finance professionals increase efficiency and drive growth for their organizations. How? By automating your processes so you can run your day-to-day business better. And by giving you greater insight and flexibility – so you can make confident long-term decisions, then act fast to execute changes. Make better use of intelligent minds, so you can better your business with our accounting software services.

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Need a full-time team member? Not sure how to create a job ad or look for accounting and finance specific roles? We’ve got you covered. Whether you have outgrown our fractional services or are looking to hire full-time upfront, we will help you find, connect with, close, and transition your new team member.

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You know where you are headed (or maybe not) and you need help getting there. For you, we have an A Team of accounting consultants ready to handle one-time projects. We handle clean-up jobs, annual or quarterly reviews, conception and reassessment of policies and procedures, projections and other important projects that your business may need. We can help you define your roadmap.

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