The Upside Down: The Other Side of Developing Talent from Within


As Stranger Things Season 3 premieres, we examine alternative ways to mentor talent.

Are the blinking lights telling you to hire a senior finance leader?

After watching the Stranger Things Season 3 premiere, we offer our own “Upside Down,” replete with counter-intuitive notions about hiring. What if you have a junior finance team who is not yet ready for the challenge of leading?

You know you need more insight into your financials. You want to hire from within. You have a great team in place. They just don’t have the credentials or experience – yet.

As your chief accounting officer, you know a controller offers important benefits for businesses and not-for-profits. Yet, according to BuiltInNYC, the average NYC controller takes home $150K+ in total compensation.

This cost can be prohibitive for growing companies, not to mention the added challenges of trying to source and hire the right person for your organization.

Hiring from within is ideal, but you cannot ignore the message in the blinking lights. A controller’s services are invaluable to the financial health of your organization.

So what are small and medium organizations to do?

One solution is to close down your business…

Okay, okay. The kids in Stranger Things might joke around to cope with the weird; but owners, founders, and senior leadership don’t have that luxury – you must keep your eye on the ball!

An ideal solution is to enlist the services of an outsourced part-time, or fractional, controller. Your business gains access to a wealth of experience and skills without spending the significant amount of time or money required when hiring a suitable full-time candidate. A good controller is a leader as well as a mentor, helping the finance team grow into its own.

You might not be ready to try out New Coke (again). But why not try outsourcing to provide immediate results and mentor your incredible talent for the future?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

The A Team Consulting offers Controller Services, as well as CFO and Bookkeeping Services in the New York metro area, including New Jersey and Connecticut. Our expert controller staff led by Senior Controller Ryan Moore can help your company at a fraction of the price of a full-time controller, developing your internal talent to one day take the reins.