Outsourcing Business Services


Redefining the Work Force in 2020

The pandemic has altered both how we live and how we work, and many of the changes will become permanent. According to a Gallup poll conducted in early April 2020, the number of Americans working remotely rose from 31% in mid-March to 62% in April.

The Opportunities

While the number of remote workers may decrease as cities ‘open up’, a definitive trend is in place, fueled not just by health concerns but also by economic and lifestyle benefits. For the employer, not having to maintain costly, long term commercial leases eases financial concerns and creates opportunities to fine-tune staff to maximize efficiencies. For the employee, the ease of working from home eliminates commuting time and cost, and provides more flexibility to pursue education and personal interests as well as spend valuable time with family and friends.

The Challenges

Of course, there are also challenges. Not every employee is flexible or technologically savvy, nor does everyone enjoy working remotely.  Greater reliance on technology and e-resources may also require an extensive reconfiguration of workplace systems. And as businesses expand beyond their current geography, there are legal and tax ramifications to consider along with the need to align business models with current realities.

Thriving Through Change

The A Team and its ever-growing team of professionals has been helping clients adapt to changing marketplace demands for nearly 20 years. We have been providing off-site support even before it became fashionable, and we are proactive in exploring and identifying the latest software to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, we customize every project to fit each client’s specific needs.

As an example, the A Team has been working with a West Coast-based importer and distributor since prior to the pandemic.  The Client had outgrown its existing accounting staff and initially hired the A Team to right-size the staff, as well as to oversee the implementation of an ERP system to replace QuickBooks. After an initial shut down of its manufacturing supply in China, the Client continued to thrive as they pivoted to add additional sales channels. The A Team’s part-time CFO is now working on finding them a full-time Controller to provide more timely and accurate reporting as our Client continues to grow in size and complexity. 

Need assistance navigating this new business landscape? We’d be happy to discuss your particular situation and to make recommendations to help you and your company adapt and thrive. Please do not hesitate to contact our Solutions Manager, Beth Chernick at bchernick@ateamconsulting.com to set up a time to chat.